Latinised Hymns

How shall I sing that majesty

How shall I sing that majesty
Which angels do admire?
Let dust in dust and silence lie;
Sing, sing, ye heavenly choir.
Thousands of thousands stand around
Thy throne, O God most high;
Ten thousand times ten thousand sound
Thy praise; but who am I?

Thy brightness unto them appears,
Whilst I thy footsteps trace;
A sound of God comes to my ears,
But they behold thy face.
They sing because thou art their Sun;
Lord, send a beam on me;
For where heav 'n is but once begun
There alleluias be.

How great a being, Lord, is thine,
Which doth all beings keep!
Thy knowledge is the only line
To sound so vast a deep.
Thou art a sea without a shore,
A sun without a sphere;
Thy time is now and evermore,
Thy place is everywhere.

J. Mason

Ego-ne cantem angelis
laudatum id decus?
Cantet (tace intra te, cinis)
supernus id chorus.
Cum adstent mille milia
tuo, Deus, throno
et turba centiens ea *
te laudet, quis ego?

Notante me vestigium,
splendorem i vident;
distantem audio Deum,
praesentem i habent.
Fac me iubar illuminet,
qui Sol es quem canunt;
qua caelum esse incipiet,
ibi Alleluia sunt.

Quot sunt, et horum maxime
et tegmen unicum,
tuae modo scientiae
profundum pervium;
tu mare cassum litore,
sol ambitu carens;
idem locaris ubique
per saecula manens.

MM 24–28.2.99

* et turba myriadica