Latinised Hymns

Let us employ all notes of joy

Let us employ all notes of joy
And praise that never endeth
To God above, whose mighty love
Our hearts and minds defendeth.
Who by his grace, in every place,
To all who need, and duly plead,
His power and presence lendeth.

For, ere he died, the Crucified
Wrought things eternal for us
By bread and wine, which Love divine
Hath given to assure us:
O taste and see; find him to be
Our great reward, our living Lord
Most willing to restore us.

The word he spoke, the bread he broke
Shall fill our lives with glory,
If we are true and loving too
And for our sins are sorry:
O do his will, and praise him still,
And still proclaim his glorious name
And deathless Gospel story.


Nunc iubilo cum cantico
perenniter laudetur
Deus favens nec impotens
qui homines tuetur;
is omnibus benevolus
opem dabit praesensque erit,
modo sollicitetur.

Effecit is Mactabilis
ut semper aleret nos,
amans cibo, Deus mero,
qui nunc firmificet nos:
hunc praemium, hunc Dominum
docemini constare, i
libenter recreet nos.

Is nuntians, panem fricans,
nos gloriae replebit,
benevolos nec perfidos
peccati dum pudebit;
quod vult sit et iam laus sonet
et cognitus sit titulus
Verbumque quod manebit.

MM 26–28.6.01