Latinised Hymns

O Lord, to whom the spirits live

O Lord, to whom the spirits live
Of all the faithful passed away,
Unto their path that brightness give
Which shineth to the perfect day:
O Lamb of God, Redeemer blest,
Grant them eternal light and rest.

Bless thou the dead that die in thee:
As thou hast given them release,
So quicken them thy face to see,
And give them everlasting peace:
O Lamb

Direct us with thine arm of might,
And bring us, perfected wth them,
To dwell within thy city bright,
The heavenly Jerusalem:
O Lamb

R.F. Littledale

Cui defunctorum animae
non pereunt fideliurn,
eorum lumen da viae,
diem quod praebet integrum
sit, Agne, eis (Redemptor es)
aeterna lux et requies.

In te defunctos o bea;
ut liberasti vinculis,
visuros te vivifica;
fiatque longa pax eis:
sit, Agne,

Factos cum eis integros
lacerto forti dirigas
splendentique urbe fige nos
Sion caelestis incolas.
sit, Agne,

MM 24.10–5.11.99