Latinised Hymns

O praise ye the Lord!

O praise ye the Lord!
Praise him in the height;
Rejoice in his word,
Ye angels of light;
Ye heavens adore him
By whom ye were made,
And worship before him,
In brightness arrayed.

O praise ye the Lord!
Praise him upon earth,
In tuneful accord,
Ye sons of new birth;
Praise him who hath brought you

His grace from above,
Praise him who hath taught you
To sing of his love.

O praise ye the Lord,
All things that give sound;
Each jubilant chord
Re-echo around;
Loud organs, his glory
Forth tell in deep tone,
And, sweet harp, the story
Of what he hath done.

O praise ye the Lord!
Thanksgiving and song
To him be outpoured
All ages along;
For love in creation,
For heaven restored,
For grace of salvation,
O praise ye the Lord!

H.W. Baker (Psl50)

Sit laus Domino!
Audita supra
sint verba choro
cum laetitia;
fer, aether, honorem,
fer opifici,
te flecte, nitorem
indutus, ei.

Sit laus Domino
a terricolis,
concordi choro,
bis nunc genitis;
laudate Datorem,
qui larga tulit,
et eius amorem,
ut is docuit.

Sit laus Domino!
Quod sonum habet
laetante globo
circa reboet;
sit tuba canora
lyraeque modi,
ut nota decora
sint facta Dei.

Sit laus Domino!
Cum carminibus
per saecla Deo
grates agimus;
salute beanti
caeloque novo,
amanti, creanti
sit laus Domino!

MM 14–20.2.99