Latinised Hymns

Awake, awake, put on thy stength, O Zion

Awake, awake, put on thy stength, O Zion,
God's purpose tarries but his will stands fast;
Of Judah's tribe is born the mighty Lion,
And Man shall bruise the serpent's head at last.
Promise and covenant God surely keeps;
He watching o'er us slumbers not nor sleeps.

Ho, ye that thirst, the pleasant fountains wait you;
Ye that are poor, ye shall be freely fed;
Why give ye gold for wine that cannot sate you?
Why strive your hands for that which is not bread?

For now the low estate of his handmaiden
God hath regarded and she shall be blest;
Hear him that saith "Come, all ye heavy laden,
Come unto me and I will give you rest."

Scornful we looked, and lo! his face was stained,
His visage marred beyond the sons of men;
Yet those his stripes our life and peace regained,
Those hands shall heal us that were pierced then.

Arise and shine, thy battlements are shining,
Upon thee breaks the glory of the Lord;
And from the east, thy royalty divining,
The Gentiles come to see thy peace restored.

C.A.Alington & R.A.Knox

Praecide, Sion, hibernationem.*
Dei morantis stat propositum.
Iudaea stirps progenuit Leonem;
premetque calx humana colubrum.
Certa fides ea quam Deus dat;
is super nobis usque vigilat.

Vos, sitientes, rore fons rigabit,
et pauperes pascentur gratiis.
Vinum cur emitis quod non iuvabit,
nugas neglecto pane prenditis?

Ancillam vidit ecce! servientem
Deus et exaltabit humilem.
Audite qui gravantur arcessentem:
fessis promittit ille requiem.

Prae ceteris cui facies foedata,
contemptus est. At eius sanguine
est vita nostra et pax redintegrata.
Punctae manus sunt nobis commodae.

Pellucidis exsurge munimentis
splendore circumfulsa Domini,
ut regiam mirentur Orientis
te restituta pace populi.

MM 22.10–7.11.96

* v.1. Festina, Sion, experrectionem.