Latinised Hymns

The Church of God a kingdom is

The Church of God a kingdom is,
Where Christ in power doth reign;
There spirits yearn till, seen in bliss,
Their Lord shall come again.

Glad companies of saints possess
This Church below, above;
And God's perpetual calm doth bless
Their paradise of love.

An altar stands within the shrine
Whereon, once sacrificed,
Is set, immaculate, divine,
The Lamb of God, the Christ.

There rich and poor, from countless lands,
Praise Christ on mystic Rood;
There nations reach forth holy hands
To take God's holy food.

There pure lifegiving streams o'erflow
The sower's garden-ground;
And faith and hope fair blossoms show,
And fruits of love abound.

O King, O Christ, this endless grace
To us and all men bring,
To see the vision of thy face
In joy, O Christ, our King.


Est civitas Ecclesia,
cui Christus imperat,
desiderantque pectora
dum is reveniat.

Eam sanctorum legio
laetantum habitat,
quos otio perpetuo
Deus suo beat.

Altare fanum continet,
quo, caesus antea,
purus, divinus insidet
Agnellus hostia.

Ibi omnifarii colunt
in Cruce Dominum
manusque sanctas porrigunt
sacratum ad cibum.

Ibi hortum vivi latices
satoris irrigant,
et spe coniuncta ibi fides
amorque pullulant.

O Christe, nobis gratiam
fer hanc et omnibus,
laetique faciem tuam,
O Rex, videbimus.

MM 29.1–1.2.99