Latinised Hymns

The Church triumphant in thy love

The Church triumphant in thy love,
Their mighty joys we know;
They sing the Lamb in hymns above,
And we in hymns below.

Thee in thy glorious realm they praise,
And bow before thy throne;
We in the kingdom of thy grace:
The kingdoms are but one.

The holy to the Holiest leads:
From hence our spirits rise,
And he that in thy statutes treads
Shall meet thee in the skies.


Sanctorum triumphantium
sciuntur gaudia;
hic nostrum Agno canticum,
eorum fit supra.

In regno resplendente te
verentur ad thronum,
et nos in regno gratiae;
sed regnum unicum.

Fert sanctum ad Sanctissimum:
hinc surgunt animae,
tuaeque legi deditum
cernes in aethere.

MM 30.5–4.6.00

(Hunc intellexisse parum me suspicor hymnum)