Latinised Hymns

"Behold, the Bridegroom draweth nigh!"

"Behold, the Bridegroom draweth nigh!"
Hear ye the oft-repeated cry?
Go forth into the midnight dim;
For blest are they whom he shall find
With ready heart and watchful mind;
Go forth, my soul,to him.

"Behold, the Bridegroom cometh by!"
The call is echoed from the sky:
Go forth, ye servants, watch and wait;
The slothful cannot join his train
No careless one may entrance gain:
Awake, my soul, 'tis late.

The wise will plead with one accord,
"O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,
On us thy quickening grace bestow,
That none may reach the door too late,
When thou shalt enter at the gate
And to thy Kingdom go."

'Behold, the Bridegroom draweth near!"
The warning falls on every ear:
That night of dread shall come to all:
Behold, my soul, thy lamp so dim,
Rise, rise the smoking flax to trim;
Soon shalt thou hear his call.

R.M. Moorsom (from Greek)

"Maritus en adest prope!"
vox clamitat. Attendite!
Exite nocte media.
Beati quos paratos et
quos vigiles inveniet;
i coram, anima.

"Maritus ecce praeterit!"
hunc sonum aether reicit;
i vigilans familia!
Ignavus nequit hunc sequi
iners aut ullus accipi:
festines, anima!

En! preces sapientium
Ter Sanctum erga Dominum:
"quin gratia vivificas,
ne sero quis petat fores,
tu quando portam penetres,
ut regnum ineas?"

"Maritus ecce proximus!"
cunctorum sonat auribus,
cunctis minatur ista nox
heus! paene extinctam, anima,
fumantem taedam suscita;
iam poscet illa vox.

MM 13–16.20.01