Latinised Hymns

Where is this stupendous stranger?

Where is this stupendous stranger?
Prophets, shepherds, kings, advise:
Lead me to my Master's manger,
Show me where my Saviour lies.

O most mighty, O most holy,
Far beyond the seraph's thought,
Art thou then so meek and lowly
As unheeded prophets taught?

O the magnitude of meekness,
Worth from worth immortal sprung,
O the strength of infant weakness,
If eternal is so young.

Good all-bounteous, all-creative,
Whom no ills from good dissuade,
Is incarnate, and a native
Of the very world he made.


Ille ubi advena stupendus,
vates, pastores, magi?
Ad praesepe sum ducendus
nam Salvator est ibi.

Praeter angelorum mentem
fortis et sanctissime,
humilem te nec potentem
num credidimus fore?

Quae maiestas se negantis
(optimus fit e bono)!
Quale robur est infantis,
erit si perpetuo!

Largus en! Deus Creator,
bonitati deditus,
mundi natus habitator
est, quem fecit, ipsius.

MM 24–26.10.00