Latinised Hymns

Word supreme, before creation

Word supreme, before creation
born of God eternally,
who didst will for our salvation
to be born on earth, and die;
well thy saints have kept their station,
watching till thine hour is nigh.

Now 'tis come and faith espies thee;
like an eaglet in the morn,
one in steadfast worship eyes thee;
thy beloved, thy latest born;
in thy glory he descries thee
reigning from the tree of scorn.

Lo! heaven's doors lift up, revealing
how thy judgments earthward move;
scrolls unfolded, trumpets pealing,
wine-cups from the wrath above,
yet o'er all a soft voice stealing
"Little children, trust and love!"

Thee, the Almighty King eternal,
Father of the eternal word;
thee, the Father's Word supernal,
thee, of both, the Breath adored;
heaven, and earth, and realms infernal
own, one glorious God and Lord.

J. Keble (St John)

Nil est ante te creatum,
te, quem genuit Deus,
Verbum nobis incarnatum
et mactatum haud secus;
bene sanctis vigilatum
est horam manentibus.

Hora adest: fides videt te:
ecce! quidam, acie
aquilari qui notet te
dilectissimusque te
constans veneretur et te
regem noscat in Cruce.

Caelum ecce! reseratur
leges huc mittens tuas;
tuba Liber indicatur
iracundiaeque vas,
parvulisque commendatur
fides atque caritas.

Te potentem atque aeternum
Regem teque Filium
Verbum eiusdem supernum
teque amborum Spiritum
superum, terrestre, infernum
unum laudant Dominum.

MM 4–10.10.00