Latinised Hymns

City of God, how broad and far

City of God, how broad and far
Outspread thy walls sublime!
The true thy chartered freemen are
Of every age and clime:

One holy Church, one army strong,
One steadfast, high intent;
One working band, one harvest-song,
One King omnipotent.

How purely hath thy speech come down
From man's primeval youth!
How grandly hath thine empire grown
Of freedom, love, and truth!

How gleam thy watch-fires through the night
With never-fainting ray!
How rise thy towers, serene and bright,
To meet the dawning day!

In vain the surge's angry shock,
In vain the drifting sands:
Unharmed upon the eternal rock
The eternal city stands.


Urbs o Dei, latissime
tu muros explicas,
fideliumque es ubique
et usque civitas.

Ecclesia una, exercitus
est unus, una mens;
est una messorum manus
et Rex omnipotens.

Quam pura vox sonat tua
Usque a primigenis!
Ut usque amans et libera
et sapiens regis!

Ut ignes tui rutilant
per noctem vigiles,
serenae turres se levant,
cum rediit dies!

Lacessat undarum furor,
harena mobilis:
in firma rupe firmior
stat Urbs incolumis.

MM 15–19.4.99