Latinised Hymns

Creator of the earth and skies

Creator of the earth and skies,
To whom all truth and power belong,
Grant us your truth to make us wise;
Grant us your power to make us strong.

We have not known you: to the skies
Our monuments of folly soar,
And all our self-wrought miseries
Have made us trust ourselves the more.

We have not loved you: far and wide
The wreckage of our hatred spreads,
And evils wrought by human pride
Recoil on unrepentant heads.

We long to end this worldwide strife:
How shall we follow in your way?
Speak to mankind your words of life,
Until our darkness turns to day.

D.W. Hughes

Creasti terram et polos;
est tua vis et veritas:
prudentes veritate nos
et vi valentes facias.

Nesciris; heu! dementiae
tolluntur sursum culmina,
nostroque ipsorum vulnere
est aucta pertinacia.

Te non amavimus; loca
fragmentis odium replet;
nec, nostra quos superbia
punivit, illius pudet.

Sit pax per orbem quaesumus,
euntem ut sequamur te;
salutem dic hominibus
cedantque luci tenebrae.

MM 8–12.1.02