Latinised Hymns

Hail the day that sees him rise

Hail the day that sees him rise
To his throne above the skies;
Christ, awhile to mortals given,
Re-ascends his native heaven.

There the glorious triumph waits;
Lift your heads, eternal gates,
Wide unfold the radiant scene,
Take the King of glory in.

Lo! the heaven its Lord receives;
Yet he loves the earth he leaves;
Though returning to his throne,
Still he calls mankind his own.

See! he lifts his hands above;
See! he shows the prints of love;
Hark! his gracious lips bestow
Blessings on his Church below.

Still for us he intercedes;
His prevailing death he pleads;
Near himself prepares our place,
Firstfruits of the human race.

Lord, though parted from our sight,
High above yon azure height,
Grant our hearts may thither rise,
Following thee beyond the skies.


Christus hodie suum
superum petens thronum,
hic parumper cognitus,
redditur caelestibus.

Triumphanti vigiles
aperimini, fores!
Loca laeta pandite;
Rex inito gloriae.

Quid si caelum sumitur?
Nos dilecti linquimur.
Is recepta sede nos
usque nuncupat suos.

Tollit en! manus supra.
Ecce amoris stigmata!
Subter et beat sitam
alma voce Ecclesiam.

Rem pro nobis usque agit,
quorum causa periit,
locaturus prope se;
est enim primitiae.

Christe, super caerula
oculis impervia
corda nostra transeant
teque ibi reperiant.

MM 9–16.11.98